Development news
30th January 2023

Rebranding work is currently ongoing. Mascots PillePalle are born. First step of gamification is ongoing with badges and leagues.

4. Newsletter
30th June 2021

Introduction of "Rate everywhere" feature with choice of superimposed zones or outdoor. Representation of satisfaction level while being logged in besides energy or community statistics.

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Winners of International ComfortID Award
29th June 2021

Find out who are the winners of the International ComfortID Award.

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Version 1.4.0 released
21st June 2021

Download the new app version with "Rate Everywhere" feature.

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3. Newsletter
18th May 2021

Introduction of Energy Savings without compromises.

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Property managers interested by ComfortID
30th April 2021

Digitalization improves thermal comfort managed by property managers. Download the article published by one of the biggest union of German property managers

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2. Newsletter
26th April 2021

Launch of the first fully "haptic-only" individual setback management per room type.

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1. Newsletter
17th April 2021

Introduction of zone management on a map and improved community management.

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Launch of ComfortID Android App
7th April 2021

Announcement of International ComfortID Award.

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