ComfortID Android Application International Award

Launch Date: 7th April 2021 12am CET

Link to recording of launch

International ComfortID Award is launching its Android Mobile application after considerable development efforts. Now it is time to get feedback from YOU! would like to gratify your efforts to make the ComfortID App better. Following awards will be delivered 3 months after launch:

This award goes to the user that is using the application most. This will be measured by amount of comfort rating that the user has submitted and the diversity of zones in which the user has rated the climate.

This award goes to the user that submits the best business ideas, improvements or provides the best contacts to help grow.
Please provide your development ideas to: takes your feedback seriously. Therefore, this award goes to the user with the best ideas/suggestions how to improve the application or the service.
Please provide your improvement suggestions to:

Nothing is perfect. Even if we did everything to assure quality, the application might have some glitches. Therefore, this award goes to the user which reports first the most bugs and describes them well.
Even if it is not mandatory, the form you can download by clicking on following icon might help you to know what and how to report a bug.

Please provide your feedback to:

Free ComfortID application

In only 4 easy steps, you can install the ComfortID mobile application on your Android device:

Get the app on your mobile device by clicking on following link:

Open the downloaded file or navigate to your folder where the apk file got saved to. Double click on the file "ComfortID_app.apk". A dialog will appear asking you to confirm the installation. Please do so.

Once installed you will find the likewise named ComfortID application under your installed applications with the ComfortID logo as icon.

Tip: For easier access, it is recommended to add the ComfortID application to home.

The application is based on your devices capability to geolocate itself. Therefore, for using the app you have to grant location permissions.
Following dialog will appear on your device, please click on "While using the app"!

You can start using the ComfortID application without registering. The functional scope is however reduced and you will not be able to use many of the cool features of ComfortID mobile application.
Therefore, it is highly recommended to login for using ComfortID mobile application.

You can either register with the app or through ComfortID's website: Register

Congratulations! Now you can start using your free ComfortID mobile application by configuring for instance your zone including your rooms.

Exciting, once done you can submit your first thermal comfort rating and get feedback on your personal climate footprint.