ComfortID for our users

ComfortID helps you to communicate your preferences and to get the best possible comfort experience - effortless.

ComfortID App

ComfortID App is a mobile application that runs on your Android or IOS smartphone. It has many cool features that allow to express your thermal satisfaction with various thermal zones without having the hassle to have to identify the zone.
Furthermore, given case you would like to use it in your private premises it allows you to configure and install the necessary system.


Comfort Rating

Rate you comfort experience wherever you are through app, iframe or web

Multi-tenant Management

Manage your resident community in your home or homes down to room level

AI aided Optimization

Negotiation of heterogeneous preferences in collectively used rooms

Saving Estimation

Receive feedback about your thermal behavior and get saving recommendations

Smart Geofencing

Automated demand and saving evaluation through geofences and outdoor climate data

Comfort History

Review all rating activities and see rank of your savings on leadership board

Easy Integration

Effortless integration of various thermostats and sensors for smart control

User Administration

Manage your settings and profile to secure optimal comfort

Intuitive visualization

Get easy to understand information on outdoor and indoor conditions, your comfort activities and savings

ComfortID Android App

Use ComfortID everywhere you go - download the free mobile app

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ComfortID MiniApp

ComfortID MiniApp allows the users of interiors to rate their thermal experience on static touchpoints. The application is highly versatile and customizable with its features.


Allow your customers to rate their thermal experience in just one-click!

Customizable features

The GUI of the ComfortID browser app is customizable, even with white label

Easy Integration

Effortless integration of rating app in your HTML sites in one line of code

In-stay rating

Allow your customers to rate their thermal comfort experience during their stay in the premises you operate

Post-stay rating

Allow your customers to rate their thermal comfort experience after a stay

Targeted rating of time periods

Send out a survey to your customers to get their feedback with regard to predefined time durations

ComfortID Cockpit

ComfortID Cockpit enables user's to understand their comfort expectations, their environmental consequences, and see their savings potential relative to the minimal comfort temperature. Savings below the minimal comfort temperature would compromise your thermal comfort thus are not possible.

Energy Cockpit

ComfortID Generator

ComfortID Generator forecasts the minimal comfort temperature to satisfy your expectations. It processes as inputs your ComfortID, forecasts of climatic conditions and your state and delivers as output the trajectory, i.e. the time series in indoor climate that needs to be provided to you in order to satisfy your expectations.

ComfortID for private homes

ComfortID Thermostats

ComfortID smart radiator thermostats enable to provide individualized thermal comfort.

Energy Harvesting

Battery lifetime causes hassle and costs. A smart radiator thermostat compatible with ComfortID harvests energy from its surrounding. This greatly improves lifetime and reduces maintenance costs.

Heat Consumption Allocator

Smart thermostats provided by ComfortID allow to monitor the heat consumption on room level.

Individual thermal comfort

The thermostat adapts to your needs integrating seamlessly the output of the ComfortID Generator